Effective, Safe Asbestos Removal in Phoenix

If asbestos is discovered in your home or business, effective, safe removal of this harmful material is crucial. At ASAP Restoration, we have the qualified professionals and the right equipment to do the job right and help keep you safe.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a building material that was widely used in commercial and residential buildings up until the 1980s, when its catastrophic health impacts were discovered. One of the scariest aspects of this material is the scope to which it was used.

Before it was banned, asbestos was used as a fireproofing material, but was also added to pipes, shingles, floor tiles, drywall, insulation, siding and sealants. Because it was so easy to work with and manipulate for multiple purposes, asbestos became one of the most widely-used building materials across the country.

Today, asbestos removal remains widespread, especially as the material gets old and breaks down, releasing toxic fibers into the air. Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers is known to cause serious and even fatal illness, including lung cancer.

How Do You Know if Asbestos is Present?

In Phoenix, asbestos removal is often required when someone buys and renovates an older office building or home. If a home or building was built before the 1980s and hasn’t been extensively remodeled, there’s a very good chance asbestos exists somewhere on the property.

The dangers of this material only get worse as time goes on because the asbestos breaks down and the fiber spores become airborne. Even the simple act of nailing a picture frame to an old plaster wall could release deadly fibers into the air.

If you are worried asbestos could be in your home or business, call ASAP Restoration today at 602-515-7918.

We are fully licensed, bonded and well qualified to handle asbestos issues. We’ll even schedule a free home visit and analysis. Our thorough process ensures we root out all traces of asbestos and come up with the best course of action for asbestos removal.

Consultation: We’ll make sure to schedule a consultation right away. A qualified technician can be dispatched day or night to carefully inspect your property and look for signs of potential asbestos use. Because the material was used in so many building products, a careful inspection performed by a skilled and reputable company is absolutely crucial.

Sample Collection and Testing: It may be necessary to take several samples from your home during the inspection. We send these samples off to an independent and trusted lab to have them tested for asbestos.

Removal: If the lab tests come back positive, we’ll formulate a detailed plan to safely eradicate all signs of asbestos from your property. Our asbestos removal procedure is designed to remove and dispose of the material while minimizing the health risks involved.

Restoration: Once the asbestos removal is complete, we’ll start the process of putting the affected areas back together. At ASAP Restoration, we always strive to leave the job with your home or office in pristine condition.

It’s important to always hire a professional company with experience in asbestos removal. The material must be contained and removed by specialists who know how to mitigate contamination before it becomes more dangerous.

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Our professionals can properly remove Asbestos from the property without risking further contamination. Asbestos must be contained and removed by qualified professionals who specialize in Asbestos removal. Asbestos contamination can also effect things such as drinking water, and even sneak its way into ventilation, cooling or heating systems.

asbestos-damage-pict2We Also Do Popcorn Ceiling Removal

At ASAP Restoration, we’ll also take care of removing popcorn ceilings. Like asbestos, fibers from popcorn ceilings can contaminate the air and pose potential health risks.

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