crime sceneThese are events that few people ever plan to experience. Unfortunately, what remains after these incidents is very difficult for people to cope with. ASAP Restoration LLC is ready to remedy any situation that may arise from such an occurrence.

Our clients choose us for our proven expertise in providing prompt, professional cleanup services and restoring property to its original condition. At ASAP Restoration LLC, our staff of trained technicians provide crime scene cleanup, death cleanup, blood cleanup, biohazardous waste removal, decontamination and restoration services in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to assisting law enforcement, public service agencies and property owners/managers in restoring property that has been contaminated as a result of crime, disaster or misuse.

Our staff of professional technicians are trained to assist with trauma related incidents that involve: crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, death cleanup, unattended death or decomposition cleanup, suicide cleanup, and removal of blood and bodily fluids from an accident scene. They are also experienced in site decontamination from bacterial and viral sources such as COVID-19, MRSA, Staph, Hepatitis and more.

Contact with infectious waste, biohazardous materials, blood, bodily fluids and fecal matter can result in serious illness or death.

Should you, your family or employees find yourself faced with the unfortunate task of cleaning a crime scene, trauma related scene or any other biohazard scene; please contact our certified biohazard technicians today! (602) 515-7918.

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