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A few Customer Review’s sent to the BBB:
1) Had a mold problem with my home. I checked for local companies that had a good BBB rating. Gave ASAP a call Saturday morning. By Monday the problem was all fixed. The owner Josh was amazing. He kept on top of everything. Communicated details and status constantly. And delivered on everything. His crew left everything in perfect shape after the job as well. This is a quality company run very well. I would recommend it to anyone. by Barbara M. on 4/29/2012

2) We called ASAP Restoration to come and check out a “musty” odor in a “snowbird” home we had just purchased, wanting to make sure black mold was not an issue. Josh Rudin, owner, came out, himself. He is the most diligent person we’ve met in quite some time, going the second-mile and following up (even on small details to which most others would not give a second thought). He has gone out of his way to make sure our home is safe, and has given us good advice on avoiding costly repairs or replacement (on which he stood to make a profit, had he advised those repairs). Other less honest business owners might have recommended the repairs, but Mr. Rudin did not. Because of his integrity and thoroughness, I would call Mr. Rudin’s company first, should a future need arise. by Carol and Ron T. on 12/21/2011

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Josh and his guys over at ASAP are so unbelievably great to work with, from the quick response time and his guys showing up at the time they actually say they will (a rarity nowadays), to his follow-up and help with insurance companies.
It’s never fun to have to rip apart your house due to a flood, but Josh makes the mitigation and re-build process extremely easy. 100% recommend

After a catastrophic water leak in my condominium, I used my Condo association’s preferred vendor to do the teardown.  I was not impressed with the job.  I went to my trusted Angie’s List to find an alternative to the build back.  Score! I called the owner of ASAP Restoration due to the many positive reviews. From the very beginning I knew that I had found the right company. The owner described the whole process to me and had the whole project set up and completed less than a week of my call. My significant build back was completed in one day.  The employees that came to my condo were on time, professional and highly skilled.  My kitchen looks exactly the same as before the damage.  I can never tell it happened in the first place and am so satisfied to have my home back the way it was.  The bonus is that the refrigerator that leaked actually fits better in the cabinetry than before the water leak. I would recommend this company to anyone without exception. I can only say positive things about every interaction I had with this company.

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I called ASAP and a consultant came that night to test. They started work immediately after all rooms were declared hot and were done with three rooms in two days. The floors were spotless, and there was very little damage to our newly painted walls and trim. Josh was amazing and understanding of the stressfulness of the situation.

 The provider analyzed long term rain damage in ceiling of multiple rooms, and also analyzed newly occurring mold due to separate water damage from leaking wash-machine valves. ASAP restoration provided me with contractors to do before & after mold testing, plumbing for wash-machine valve repair & hose replacement, and repair/finishing of all areas affected by rain damage and mold. ASAP Restoration was extremely effective in all aspects of the work I had done. They responded immediately to my call and came out the following morning to investigate. They assisted by arranging all the necessary contractors needed which was very helpful since I am so busy. I appreciated them being so proactive, punctual, and professional. I am very satisfied with all the work now that it is complete, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

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ASAP sent a man out right away to inspect a water stain on my walls for possible mold. He was prompt and gave us good service. – Loretta T. on 5/7/19

I have two different companies to inspect my mold problem, josh from asap restoration and the other guy. I got two different results. The other guy told me to do a total mold remediation and josh said the opposite. Josh told me nothing to worry about, it’s non toxic mold, just spray with bleach cleaning solution, clean it, re-caulk, and fix the leak. Guess what?! It been about 1 month, smell is gone, mold is gone but I have not re-caulk it yet. I been using my other bathroom instead. Josh from asap is honest as it gets. Yes, I did spend double the cost for inspection but it was worth it. I would spend thousands if I believe the other guy. – Kelvin N. on 5/10/15

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Jennifer Lunsford reviewed ASAP Restoration LLC – Water Damage & Remodeling — 5 star   –  May 23 2016   I truly believe that I made the right choice in choosing Josh and his crew to be the company to do my water leak repairs. Josh and his crew were very professional, and had my best interest. He was knowledgable and very engaging in letting me know the step by step process within the entire duration of the repairs. It was nightmare with my insurance he helped thoughout the whole process! Now I look at my home and feels brand new! Thank you very much for your hard work and customer service!

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