How Referral Fees Can Cost You

You’ve just been through a disaster. You don’t have time for mediocre service. Unfortunately, if you find your disaster restoration company through a contractor, mediocre service could be exactly what you get. 


What’s the best way to find a restoration company? A lot of people will tell you to ask around. Just make sure that you don’t ask your plumber, or if you do, take their advice with a grain of salt. Why? You’d think that repair contractors would be the perfect people to recommend restoration services. That might’ve been true in the past, but these days, repair contractors don’t always recommend the best people for the job. Instead, they cut deals with restoration companies. When they recommend a certain restoration company, they get paid a referral fee. 

Their Profit Comes at Your Cost 


You’ve just been through a disaster, so you have enough stress on your plate as it is. You deserve the best restoration service, and you deserve to work with people who want the best for you. Unfortunately, thanks to referral fees, that’s not usually how it works. Contractors refer people to the companies who will pay them the most money. When you get your referral from a contractor, you might be missing out on a better service. 

To make matters worse, those referral fees can cost you money. When you use the restoration company that your plumber recommends, the restoration company will pay the plumber with money that they earned off of your disaster. Since both parties want to make as much money as possible, the restoration company may use shady practices to drive up your costs. They may charge by the hour and then leave equipment at your house. They may cut corners to save themselves a bit of money, leaving you with long-term problems as a result. At the end of the day, when your contractors make a referral fee, you’re the one who pays the price. It doesn’t have to be this way. 


Don’t Get Burned by Your Referral


If you ask a contractor for a referral, don’t take their recommendations at face value. Instead, ask them why they recommend that particular company. If the contractor pressures you to commit right away, don’t fall for it. It’s true that disasters require immediate attention, but don’t let anyone use that fact against you. If you need to think about it, be firm about your choice. Next, take some time to check out reviews online. Look for restoration companies with high customer satisfaction rates and a reputation for honesty. The Better Business Bureau’s website can also help you find a good company. 

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration

Why should you pay extra for referral fees? At Phoenix Water Damage Restoration, we know that you’re dealing with enough stress as it is. We won’t ever add to your stress by prolonging the job, cutting corners, or doing anything less than our best work. Instead, we’ll work thoroughly and efficiently so that you can get back on your feet. Take some time to do your research, but know that Phoenix Water Damage Restoration is always here to help. Feel free to give us a call when you need help after a disaster.